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Omnisax (previously Envirosax)

Green, progressive and trend setting! Proudly starting the global movement of designer reusable bags, Omnisax swing in the hands of fashionistas, practical eco-shoppers and urban commuters. Great prints and bright colors make Omnisax accessible for people to contribute to saving the environment, while maintaining their individual style, all at a great price!

Envirosax Envirosax

Lavendar Hills

A dedicated family, living their "lavender dream"on their lavender farm near Brighton, Ontario, creates quality soaps, stress-relieving sprays, beauty products, candles and tasty treats.

Lavender Hills Lavender Hills

Lucia Products

From Montreal, Quebec, Lucia’s soaps are triple-milled and handmade using the highest quality organic shea butter. Lucia candles are blended with clean-burning 100% certified organic soy. Noted for their exceptionally charming but simple packaging, Lucia products take pride also in their committment to quality, health and the environment.

Lucia Products Lucia Products

Market Baskets

These sturdy, collapsible, useful baskets come in two sizes and a rainbow of colors!

Market Baskets Market Baskets

Muskoka Candles

Hand-poured in the village of Rosseau, Ontario, in the heart of cottage country, Muskoka Candles are made of 100% soy wax, with no chemical additives. The candles in their simple glass containers have names such as “Northwoods”, “Muskoka Winter” and “Moonlight Path”, a reflection of the purity and quality of their creation.

Muskoka Candles Muskoka Candles

Turkey Hill Sugarbush

Turkey Hill Sugarbush, of Waterloo, Quebec just south of Montreal, produces award-winning, pure Canadian maple syrup, free of chemicals, additives and preservatives. Turkey Hill is also famous for gourmet maple products such as its maple teas including maple ice wine, its fudge, cookies, candies, coffee, chocolates and butters, all delicious!

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Turkey Hill Sugarbush

Tweedle Bee Candles

Tweedle Bee Candles are handcrafted near Tweed, Ontario using pure local beeswax and tender, loving care. Beeswax candles burn cleaner, brighter and longer than other candles, freshening rooms and calming the senses with their sweet honey essence.

Tweedle Bee Candles Tweedle Bee Candles